Client's References

ї British Petroleum
BARAMA are employed on the BP AGT Project on Special Roads projects here in Georgia...

ї Baku Steel Company
We strongly reconrmend "Barama" as a potential long-term parher and asswe of its highest performance and well working practices...

ї Brown & Root Civil
Wec onfirmt hat Barama Enterpriswe orkeda as a sub subcontructor "Zafer Construction" of Turkey...

ї BTC 2002
This is to certify that Barama SE participated on the Stage 2 archaeological survey of the Baku...

By this lefier we confirm, that 'Barama" Production Enterprise has fulfilled construction works as subcontractor of BURC-ENKA J.V...

By this letter we confirm that small enterprise "BArama" has fulfiled construction works as subcontructor of firm "Zafer Construction" of Turkey...


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Construction work

Engineering services
Х Project Management
Х Construction/Architectural
Х Pipelines
Х Civil Engineering
Х Concrete Structures
Х Steel Structures
Х Waste Water Treatment
Х Construction of Water and Oil Tanks
Х Fire and Gas Protection Systems
Х Construction Management and Supervision
Х Other Engineering Services (Design)

Construction services
Х Building Construction
Х Office buildings
Х Warehouse construction
Х Civil Works
Х Concrete works
Х Modification/Reconstruction
Х Mobile office containers
Х Water/Sewage Systems
Х Pump/Booster Stations
Х Drainage systems
Х Insulation
Х Painting
Х Welding and cutting
Х Pedestrian/Walkways/Handrails
Х Construction of Gravel Roads
Х Construction of Asphalt Roads

Transportation services
Х Transportation Services
Х Removal and Disposal

Installation / electrical and maintenance services
Х Trenching and Excavation
Х Gravel and Rock Dumping
Х Pipe laying
Х Maintenance Services
Х Pipeline Systems
Х Ventilation/Heating/Sanitary
Х Electrical/Instrument Services
Х Repair and maintenance

Modular building/ steel structure construction
Х Modular Buildings
Х Steel/Metal/Concrete Structures
Х Piers Construction
Х Modern design buildings

Procurement / plant hire services
Х Supply of materials
Х Warehouse/ Storage Services
Х Construction Plant and Equipment Supply

Electrical works

Х Installation, erection and regulation of transformers (oil and air key)
Х Pulling of cable road (ceiling) and arrangement of cables by the system
Х Installation of electrical panels and arrangement, installation of elements concerning the panels in to tray
Х Pulling, erection and regulation of lighting systems according to the project
Х Electrical calculation of airing systems, assembling and regulation of automation
Х Installation and regulation of electrical equipments (if necessary assembling of automation again)
Х Creating of УSmart HouseФ system
Х Installation of multisystem and vavein
Х Connection of wanted type of engine to the driver and regulation, programming of logical commands from PLC (Delta)
Х Installation, erection and regulation of street lighting poles
Х Electrical calculation of pumps, assembling of automation
Х Electrical calculation of boiling-house, assembling of automation
Х Assembling and regulation of automatically connection of spare source
Х Installation and regulation of electron advertisement boards (sizes depend from the client)

List of Road Construction and Repair Services

BARAMA Construction Services has experience in many types of paving work such as:
Х Main Roads
Х Subdivisions Street
Х Parking Lots
Х Construction / Project finishing (e.g., line-marking, guard-rails, and lighting)
Х Industrial internal roads
Х Asphalt roads
Х Gravel roads
Х Maintenance and reconstruction of existing roads

Our Services Include:
Х Stone Work
Х Fine Grading
Х Grinding and Milling
Х Earthmoving
Х Asphalt Paving
Х Concrete Paving
Х Drainage ditches
Х Greening and irrigation
Х Site Project Management
Х Design
Х Sub-grading preparation
Х Sub-base preparation
Х Road-base preparation
Х Kerbing installation
Х Guard-rails installation

Our project and construction managers always do their best to oversee all aspects of the project from start to finish. They are the liaisons between Arrow Road and our customers to make sure that the project is completed timely, efficiently, and professionally. Quality and service are their top priorities.

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