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» British Petroleum
BARAMA are employed on the BP AGT Project on Special Roads projects here in Georgia...

» Baku Steel Company
We strongly reconrmend "Barama" as a potential long-term parher and asswe of its highest performance and well working practices...

» Brown & Root Civil
Wec onfirmt hat Barama Enterpriswe orkeda as a sub subcontructor "Zafer Construction" of Turkey...

» BTC 2002
This is to certify that Barama SE participated on the Stage 2 archaeological survey of the Baku...

By this lefier we confirm, that 'Barama" Production Enterprise has fulfilled construction works as subcontractor of BURC-ENKA J.V...

By this letter we confirm that small enterprise "BArama" has fulfiled construction works as subcontructor of firm "Zafer Construction" of Turkey...


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